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When you work with an experienced attorney, you gain peace of mind knowing that they are on your case and have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. The best way to handle legal matters is quickly and straight on, with full knowledge of the laws that apply to a case. Your case always receives top priority treatment at the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., in Woburn, MA. New clients are always welcome, and we treat everyone with respect and personal attention.

Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq.

At the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., clients benefit from the career experience Paul has gained since he was first licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, in 1983. We provide experienced legal counsel to people who need honest legal representation for their Criminal Law, OUI, Civil Litigation and Appeals cases.

Attorney Paul C. Brennan

A caring and compassionate professional, Attorney Paul C. Brennan has been practicing law for over 33 years. He is a graduate of the Northeastern University School of Law, with a strong track record of helping his clients successfully protect their rights and freedom.

MA Criminal Defense Attorney

People who are convicted of criminal offenses will face many future problems in addition to fines and possible jail or prison time. Long term effects include problems finding employment and housing, as well as the stigma of having a criminal record for life. As a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney, Paul C. Brennan helps people fight for their rights and freedom when they are accused of criminal offenses. He represents people charged with OUI, Drug Arrests, and Fraud Arrests. For many clients, he makes successful appeals to reduce or eliminate criminal charges.

Civil Litigation & Appeals Attorney

Another area of law practice Attorney Brennan has in-depth experience in is Civil Litigation and Appeals. Paul works with business owners who need to settle disputes or reach agreements with others through Arbitration. Contracts can become a major problem if they are not properly drawn up and executed. If there is a later dispute over a contract or business deal, Paul helps his clients with modifications and renegotiations. Many cases brought to his office involve complex commercial or residential landlord/tenant matters.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people are seriously injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents or by injuries that occur when they are on private, public or government property. Under Personal Injury Law, accident victims that are harmed in accidents caused by negligent behavior deserve fair compensation.

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