Personal Injury

Personal Injury accidents not only disrupt your lifestyle, they usually cause financial stress, bodily harm, pain and suffering. In some cases, the victim dies from injuries received in accidents caused by negligent behavior by another person or a company. Under Personal Injury Law, if you or a loved one is injured or dies due to negligent behavior, justice includes fair compensation for accident expenses and other claims.

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At the Law office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., we have provided experienced Legal Counsel since 1983. We serve people statewide with exceptional legal services in Criminal Law, OUI, Civil Litigation, and Appeals. We have helped hundreds of people receive substantial compensation for Personal Injury claims.

Attorney Paul C. Brennan

Licensed for 33 years, Attorney Paul C. Brennan has experience with all types of accident cases where people were injured or had loved ones killed because another person or company was negligent. Paul has worked hard to help clients from all walks of life recover after personal injury events. He has been actively helping clients resolve Personal Injury claims since he graduated from Northeastern University School of Law.

Woburn, MA, Personal Injury Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, discrimination and other acts can suddenly change the entire life of a victim, or in some cases, cause a wrongful death. Attorney Paul C. Brennan has also helped hundreds of clients make claims under premises liability law when they were injured while on public or private property.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Thousands of people are injured or killed every day across the nation in motor vehicle accidents. Some accidents are caused by careless or negligent drivers, while other injury accidents are caused by defective parts or equipment failures. Workers in the transportation industry are at highest risk, but everyone encounters accident possibilities whenever they are on the roads. Injuries from motor vehicle accidents include damage to head, neck or spine, loss of limbs and permanent disability. People who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents may be eligible to pursue legal options under Personal Injury Law.

Slip and Fall Accidents, Premises Liability

These are the most common type of accident that can happen to you. Property owners are liable for injury expenses and loss claims if someone is harmed while on their premises. They have a duty to main the property, walkways and grounds/floors so that passersby and users are not at risk for slipping or falling. The results from a slip and fall accident can be life-changing, especially if there is head, brain, neck or spinal injuries.

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