Civil Litigation and Appeals

It is definitely better to have an experienced attorney on your side when you are involved in Civil Litigation or the Appeals process. It is known that your chances of winning your case are improved, as is the amount of any potential settlement offer. At the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., in Woburn, MA, we welcome new clients and work aggressively to win every case presented.

Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq.

Attorney Paul C. Brennan has provided experienced legal counsel to people who needed his honest advice and representation for 33 years. The main focus of this law practice is Criminal Law, OUI, Civil Litigation and Appeals. Facing litigation can be confusing and a stressful time for the average person, but things go smoothly when you have our strong legal professional on your side. Attorney Brennan helps people make important decisions about their legal case and develops strategies that bring about the best possible results.

Attorney Paul C. Brennan

Many clients that Attorney Paul C. Brennan has served needed his strong legal skills and knowledge to successfully handle Civil Litigation matters and Appeals. A graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, Paul has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 1983.

Civil Litigation & Appeals

When problems escalate to the point where there seems to be no workable solution, many disputes move into Civil Litigation. A conviction during Civil Litigation can be appealed to change that verdict. With support from an experienced Litigation and Appeals Attorney, your chances of winning your case or appeal is much greater than without counsel. Convictions can result in high fines, jail or prison time, and a criminal record that will last forever. Winning an Appeal can reduce charges or eliminate convictions completely.

Contract & Business Disputes

Business owners often have contract matters and business disputes to resolve, but they need competent legal advice to achieve the best outcome. The impact of a wrong decision or a poorly constructed contract can sink a company and cause high financial costs. It always is best to have our experienced Contract and Business Law Attorney review agreements and help you resolve other business disputes.

Commercial and Residential, Landlord/Tenant Issues

Many people experience problems with commercial and residential agreements or with landlord/tenant issues. Not only can this bring about financial stress, it can negatively affect your business operations or your peace of mind as a resident. Our Civil Litigation and Appeals Attorney can help you reach your goals and work out agreements that satisfy all parties. You deserve to be conflict-free and move on to your future without this type of stress.

If you have concerns about Civil Litigation or Appeals, contact the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., in Woburn, MA. Call us now, at (781) 935-6107.

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