Paul C. Brennan, Esq.

When you face a serious legal situation, such as a criminal charge, driving while intoxicated, or you are being sued, it is important to seek help from an attorney with experience in that area of law. At the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., in Woburn, MA, we provide skilled legal advice, counsel and representation for Appeals, OUI, Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation.

Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq.

We help our clients to set goals and develop creative solutions for a broad range of legal matters. Most people want to protect their freedom and fight back against criminal charges or litigation brought against them, but they do not have the detailed knowledge about Massachusetts law that we do. We have helped hundreds of clients obtain successful resolution of their legal problems, winning cases through Mediation, Arbitration and in courtroom Litigation.

Attorney Paul C. Brennan

Attorney Paul C. Brennan understands the court and criminal justice systems, and he knows how to fight aggressively for justice. Paul has offered legal counsel to clients statewide since 1983, and he is a seasoned legal professional who treats people with the respect they deserve. Attorney Brennan earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree from Northeastern University School of Law, and has been licensed to practice law in Massachusetts since 1982.

MA Criminal Defense Attorney

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney, Paul C. Brennan provides legal representation for persons charged with OUI, Drug Arrests, and Fraud Arrests. In some cases, charges can be reduced, eliminated or expunged by making a successful appeal. It is important to fight criminal charges, because the impact of a conviction will be life-long and can create many future problems.

Civil Litigation & Appeals Attorney

Many people want to work with Attorney Brennan because of his exceptional experience and skills in the areas of Civil Litigation and Appeals. He has helped hundreds of business owners settle disputes and manage contract transactions. Landlord/tenant disputes are often quite complex, and problems may arise that lead to litigation or alternative methods for settlement.

Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one is injured in an accident, consult with Attorney Paul C. Brennan to determine if you can pursue fair compensation under Massachusetts Personal Injury Law. People who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, or who were harmed in accidents that occurred on private or public property often have major expenses for medical treatment, work loss and other claims. Paul has helped hundreds of clients receive monetary compensation for injuries and related financial expenses that were due to the negligence of another person or company.

To discuss your legal concerns in confidence or set up an appointment for legal counsel, contact the Law Office of Paul C. Brennan, Esq., in Woburn, MA. Call us now, at (781) 935-6107.

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